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U.S. Copyright Office

One monumental project: the complete rebranding of a federal agency. The need: clarify a diffuse communications system, differentiate the Copyright and Patent offices in the public mind, and re-frame copyright in the age of Napster. The products: new seal, new logo, new website — just the tip of the iceberg. Stationery? A dozen kinds. Forms? Three dozen, and even more booklets, brochures, fliers, mailers, etc. The result: a coordinated, accessible, and sophisticated publications program in the nation’s library.

Susquehanna University

A new branding system for Susquehanna, including wordmark, type and color systems, and graphic standards. SU’s new identity was greeted by wide community approval, increased applications, and Annual Admissions Advertising and CASE awards. Developed with studіo-e.

Bishop Marshall School

Bishop Marshall’s existing seal was a pastel drawing which had been scanned for reproduction. We refreshed and refined the concept in two directions at once, both more and less formal, to encompass contexts like signage and school uniforms on one hand and printed materials (shown here) on the other.

Global Challenge

Global Challenge promotes science education and international collaboration between high school students. They needed a flexible identity that speaks to the interdependence of the world’s peoples and to the sciences. The logo system we built allows GC to address these topics while also conveying information about the world itself.