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Designers enjoy creating things for themselves as much as for clients. Maybe it’s a chance to try a new tool, maybe a venture into a different style. Sometimes it’s a way to make things that don’t fit into our workday lives. And then there are all those hints that pop up at birthdays and holidays… Whatever their origins, projects like these offer a glimpse of the people behind the “regular” portfolio.

The Book of a Number of Hours

What began as tricked-out mix discs for friends and family evolved into an extended meditation on time’s passing. From simple jewel case inserts to hardcover books made of sandpaper, each “hour” begins with a twenty-track recording around which the rest revolves.

Photo mosaics

A series of panoramic images in which individual frames are left visible in the spirit of tiled photo-maps from satellites and space probes. Some interiors, more landscapes, mostly 360-degree views; recent mosaics have begun to merge frames from different times of day or year to expand the view from three dimensions to four.

Trouble’s Braids

Tom Waits and Sigmund Freud spend a night together in this concertina-bound artist’s book. Rainbow fountain collograph printing with wintergreen oil transfer, edition of four.